Armortek are the world’s leading one sixth scale metal kit manufacturer. Our 3D visualisation was fully embraced by Armortek who understood it’s benefits. This provided Armortek with the possibility to get their products to market quickly through pre-prototype 3D visuals which they used for marketing on their website and in print. This engaged their global audience and converted sales without one piece of the kit being manufactured.

Our 3D Product visualisation service, also known as product rendering, is a media tool for quickly and realistically depicting products visually. When a product, or concept is still in its early stages, 3D product rendering and visualisation can be used to create compelling imagery to tell the story.

The bar just keeps getting higher at Armortek, with each new kit release having even more detail than the last. As a result Studio Mitchell continue to develop their textures and render techniques in their 3D product visualisation service for more and more realistic images. Impactful product visuals are no longer a “nice to have”—they’re essential to an engaging customer experience.

Armortek clearly demonstrate technical advancement in their latest model release.  The Rolls Royce Armoured Car and Silver Ghost Chassis. Mark Mitchell created several 3D CGI visuals. As a result bare metal renders and painted simulations of each of the kits provided clear photorealistic images. This enabled Armortek to market the kits pre-production in both digital and print media. Without the need for photography.

Other examples of 3D CGI product visuals for Armortek can be seen here on our web site. Also we suggest you take a look around our animation portfolio, we create compelling animation for explainer videos and social media advertising which has proven result in building your products and your brand.